This wedding amazed the public because of the generous gifts of the godparents!

The social media community was astounded as they witnessed the beautiful and lavish wedding of this couple. Aside from the amazing celebration of the wedding, the gifts of their “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” really had a big impact all through-out the event. A certain Mc Kevin on social media shared photos of the wedding he attended wherein the bride and the groom really had bunch of thoughtful and generous godmothers and godfathers. This was his caption: “Yung ninong at ninang na galit na galit talaga sa pasabit! CRUSH. Tara pili na tayo ng sponsors.”

Filipinos are known to be very traditional. In wedding celebrations, couples will have their first dance as husband and wife in front of their guests. Sponsors and other guest will attached bills on the couples’ gown or suit as a sign of gift. In this viral photos, the bride received a very generous amount of monetary gift from their sponsors, it looks like a long and huge cape full of 1-thousand peso bills and some 500-peso bills. The groom also has a lot of paper bills on his suits and head.

Netizens were really astounded with the amount of money this couple was receiving from their Ninongs and Ninangs. There were also some people who are dreaming to have such kind-hearted and generous sponsors. Here are some of the hilarious comments of the netizens:

“Todo effort sina ninang at ninong, k tnx bye! papakasal na ako”. “Haha, sulit toh! bawi na rin ang ginastos sa pakasal”. “Bongga! parang cape at crown yung pera tas 1,000 pa talaga!”. “Ibang level ang pabitin na ito, jackpot ang bagong kasal…”. “Magpapaalam na ako sa mga magulang ko, tiyak na matutuwa sila pag ganito karami makukuha ko pag nagpakasal na ako ngayon”

Although, love cannot be measured in any amount of money or any material things, making and doing such admirable efforts really means a lot especially to the couple and their families. It was such an amazing and wonderful wedding!