This US town elected a goat to be an honorary Mayor!

It may seem awkward to have an animal as an honorary Mayor isn’t? But there was this 3-year old Nubian goat known to be Lincoln who became the first honorary pet mayor in Vermont, USA.

This nanny goat was chosen by the townspeople to be the honorary mayor. Fair Haven doesn’t have an official mayor but they do have a Town Manager named Joseph Gunter who do such similar job.

Lincoln will actually have its one-year term by attending events, marching in the Memorial Day parade with her personalized sash, and by making public appearances.

The said election was to raise fund for their playground. On the said fundraising, children can join their pets as candidates for $5 together with an explanation of-of why their pet should be the Pet Mayor of Fair Haven for 2019.

Though they only raised $100, the Town Manager said that it is a good way to get the kids involved in local government.

Source: VirtualPinoy