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This Thai man revealed the secret to having a happy marriage with 2 wives and 9 children!

Marriage is a sacred union of two individuals who promised to be together in sickness and in health until forever. Husband and wife grow together and nurture their family together. As many marriages were destroyed by infidelity and many other factors this unusual husband and wives relationship had surprised a lot of netizens and had actually earned countless comments and reactions from the public.

There was a man from Thailand that revealed his secret in his happy life together with his 2 wives and children. Recently, his wife shared their story in social media and the public was surprised to know that they are happy and contented with their set up. Her name is Warissara Poksrichan, the 32-year old wife of Manop Nuttayothin. The husband is 42-years old already and they are married for 10 years until he got himself a new wife. But unlike any other woman, Warissara welcomed the 26-year old Nattaya Tongpan and she even agreed on the idea to live altogether. Warissara is not the first wife of his husband as the first had passed away already.

When the husband introduced his mistress to his wife, Warissara welcomed her with open arms and they even became best of friends as she knew how it feels to become the other wife. According to her post, there are so many people who hated their spouses so much because of petty things while she had a husband with so many wives!

The two wives never fight and compete with each other actually they are helping one another especially in taking good care of their 9 children. The husband has 3 children on his first wife, 3 on Warissara and another 3 on Nattaya.

Their story went viral on social media and it also earned a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens. So many people were shocked by their unusual set up while other people were amazed that they can eventually manage to have such an amazing family.