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This teacher waited for 7 years to finally marry his 13-year-old student

True love knows no boundaries as many people would always remind us. If it is true love, it can wait and it will never rush. You will never know when and whom your heart can fall into regardless of the social status, the age, the color of the skin, the nationality or even the profession. Just like the story of this couple who tend to be a teacher and a student before.

They are Erwin Pangalia and Vinda Virginia, an Indonesian couple who proved everyone that love really wins. Erwin was actually a former teacher of Vinda when she was in high school. But if you thought that the teacher fell in love first with his student, it is the other way around because Vinda fell for her teacher first.

She often stays in their room after their class to get the attention of her teacher because most of her classmates had a crush on their teacher as well.

As Vinda did not give up easily, and she would always participate in class and asks help from teacher Erwin about some of their subjects, the latter did not easily notice that he had also fallen for her. Because of their unconventional relationship, they have been bashed and mocked by a lot of people around them but they did not let it destroy and ruin their love for each other.

They were never ashamed of their relationship. In fact, they shared photos of them with a date since they were still a teacher and a high school student until their very special day of union, their wedding day. After 7-years of girlfriend and boyfriend relationship, they are now finally, a husband and a wife.

They were indeed an inspiration to other couples to be strong and committed despite the judgment of people around you, but always keep in mind that it was never wrong to love as long as you have Jesus in your heart and at the center of your relationship.