This student had a better life because of this security guard in their school!

I am Daniel. A graduating highschool student. Many students would definitely agree that their highschool life has been one of their unforgettable moments because of their beloved friends and so many happy experiences but it was not as good as mine because my highschool life had been a very sad story for me. But everything just changed because of our security guard in school.

I would often skip my classes as I am not comfortable at school because of the never ending lessons and discussion of our teachers. I do not want to stay at home either because my parents are also busy with their jobs and they were not usually at home. And when they are at the house they would often scold me and told me that I am worthless and I do not know how to give back to them!

Who would have an interest to live with those kinds of words? Maybe that is the reason why I am like this until I met Mang Jerry. It actually started when our school principal called me and had given me an ultimatum, a community service because of all the things I have done and for being lazy at school as well. I finished it late but I still don’t want to go home as usual, I am always alone there. Mang Jerry asked me why I am still inside the school when it was already late, and he will also close the school as well.

I told him that I do not want to go home yet, and instead of pushing me away, he let me stay on their barracks at the back of our school. He even offered me some of his foods. It was really unsual for me to received such kind gesture from other people because I never felt that at home. He even advised me a lot of things and wanted a better future for me. I got mad at him because of telling me those things but he just remained calm and told me that I can come back to his place anytime I want to.

He helped me to make friends with my schoolmates and classmates. He has been a best friend and a parent to me until I graduated. Now, I am currently taking up BS Psychology in college to help other people build their broken pieces just like Mang Jerry did to me.