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This student built a tiny house in an 18 feet trailer for him not to pay 19,200 rent!

It was not easy to achieve your dreams as life becomes challenging and full of surprises as it is. But when you are confident enough to achieve those dreams and you equipped yourself with proper knowledge and characteristics you should possess, you would definitely make those dreams came true.

Just like the story of this university student. He is actually a design major student who never wanted to spend a lot of money in his dorm and accommodation expenses as he will be enrolling at the University of Texas at Austin. His name is Joel Weber and he had a great idea of turning an 18 feet trailer into a movable home. He asked help from an electrician and a carpenter to turn his 145-square-foot trailer into an amazing home.


It actually saved him at least $800 of rental fee every month near his school. The miniature house of this student was built on an 18-foot flatbed trailer and it actually has a plumbing, electricity and a propane-powered stove. It also has two lofts, a shower, and a sink. And after a year, his home was done at $20,000 and it was really an amazing one.

He had built his miniature house because of his savings in his babysitting, house sitting and landscaping jobs, and his family and friends helped him on some of the materials as well. He will be taking his cute home 200 miles south to Austin, for his college.

It was really an incredible and an amazing story that would definitely inspire other people as well as those students who wanted to finish their studies but lower the high cost of sending themselves to college.

You wouldn’t believe that it was actually a cute little home inside because it looks like a cozy and elegant hotel room, isn’t?