This street kid together with his dog was caught sleeping together and hugging each other on a sidewalk!

We often see a lot of incidents where an animal was hÜrt by people who didn’t know how to take care and how to love them. Aside from that, we also witness a lot of stray dogs and cats living hopelessly on the dangerous street. Because these poor animals don’t have their owners with them, they do not have any choice but to find their daily foods on the streets’ garbages. Many of them just gave up on life as they do not have proper nutrition and shelter.

There are also a lot of reports about stray dogs being hunted and sold to be cooked by those heartless people. Little did we know that animals like dogs are the most loyal and the most amazing animals in the world, as they are known to be man’s best friend. Dogs don’t base their loyalty on the social status of their owners or even on their financial capability. As long as you take care of them, you feed them, and show them you love them, they will definitely love you back.

Just like this viral photo of a homeless kid who was captured in a viral photo together with his dog sleeping on a sidewalk. They were actually hugging each other just like other humans do especially when they really loved the person so dearly. A certain Gen Pilar shared their photos online. It was also amazing that at an early age the kid had already earned the dog’s trust and loyalty.

Although the child doesn’t have much money and material things, he has a great and amazing companion through his dog. The dog was also blessed to have an owner who may don’t have a lot of money to buy the dog expensive foods but the kid really seem to love his dog very much that even as he sleeps he takes care of his dog.