This seven-year-old Iranian girl who was known as the most beautiful girl in the world amazes the public!

The seven-year-old Iranian girl was dubbed by a lot of netizens as the “most beautiful girl in the world”. She is Madhis Mohammadi. She really looks like a doll and her natural beauty radiates even when she doesn’t have make-up on her face, unlike some parents who would often let their young children wear make-up at a very tender age.

She already had a lot of Instagram followers and most of them had witnessed her grow and develop as an adorable baby to a beautiful and lovely young girl. She recently captured the hearts of a lot of people especially the netizens all over the world. Because of her incredible beauty, many people could not help but be stunned by her beauty.

According to some reports, she could be the next Thylane Blondeau who was recognized as “the most beautiful woman in the world” at her young age. At Madhis’ social media account, a lot of her followers could see how stunningly beautiful she really is. Her parents would often make her wear clothes for young girls like her. Her mother doesn’t also put make-up on her angelic and very delicate face.

It can also be concluded that Madhis is already an internet star as she already earned 200,000 followers on her social media account. Many netizens commented that she really looks like a “life-sized doll” and her face is really angelic as well. Madhis is really a blessed child to have such amazing parents who love and supports her so much. Her father would often fix her hair and would also be captured in her pictures.

Madhis had already been featured in different magazines and she had also been in a music video with a famous musician in their country. A lot of her supporters knew that sooner or later Madhis would become famous not just because of her incredible and magnificent beauty but because of her love and obedience to her parents.