This poor German national was left by his Filipina wife after she got all his money, ends up collecting trashes in the street to live!

We usually heard and watched successful stories of two loving people who are strong enough to face so many struggles in life just to be together. There were also some people who stay in love with each other even though there are miles and miles away from each other. Nothing can really be a hindrance to those individuals who promised to love and support each other as long as they can.

But there were also failed relationships nowadays. It was true that it was really hard to be maintain in a relationship and to stay in love together for so many years. But it will always be a choice for the couple to decide if they will be staying together amidst all the difficulties in life and in their relationship or they will just give up and quit.

The public was surprised to know about the story of this German national who fell in love to a Filipina and married her afterward but unfortunately, he was left with nothing after he had given her his everything. He was later known to be Kristoff, a German national who came all the way here in the Philippines just to be with his Filipina wife. But he was very devastated when he learned that his wife married him just for the sake of money.

He explained that everything was smooth and good at first but ended up miserable after 8 years as he felt something has changed with his wife. He learned that the woman only married him for his money. After the woman spent all his money, she just disappeared all of a sudden and left the poor foreigner with nothing. Because he was far from his family and relatives, he had no choice but to beg for alms and to collect garbages from the streets just to be able to live.

No one knew how long he was doing that for a living because he never answers anyone who asks him that question. But this was never a reason for other Filipino people to help him as some concerned Filipino citizens posted his photos online hoping that there will be some good persons to help him return to his country.