This Old Man Brought The Kids in a Jollibee Drive-thru as they rode a carabao!

Jollibee had been a symbol of home for every Filipino all over the world. It is actually a fast-food restaurant that started as an ice cream parlor and had later been known because of its best tasting “chickenjoy”. Some people also dubbed Jollibee as the National Restaurant of every Filipino people.

Maybe because we grew up eating Jollibee products and visiting Jollibee stores when we have family celebrations so many times. And for many Filipino children, it has been their happiness to be with their families and eat in this kind of restaurants.

Because of its popularity, it had grown a lot of branches here in the Philippines and even abroad. There are also Jollibee stores in cities and even in some provinces. Wherever place you go, you can definitely find a Jollibee store that can let you experience like you are going you back to your home.

No wonder that this old man, together with some kids never miss a chance to try the Jollibee drive-thru, though they do not have a car, they got to use their very own carabao as their vehicle! This stores’ branch was located at Tereza, Rizal. The staff and several people who saw the old man pulling a sleigh-like piece of wood would even think that Santa and Christmas are coming so early. But it was not Santa because it is a drive-thru customer. Carabao is just another symbol of us being a Filipino. And we could not be even prouder to witnessed this kind of scenarios here in our beloved country.

Who would have thought that you didn’t need a car to meet your kids, or grandchildren experience the things they wanted to experience? It was just a matter of perspective and a little bit of creativity. True enough that the love of elders will always be precious and something you can really cherish for a lifetime.