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This old beggar fluently speaks English in asking help for other people, little that they knew that he was actually a former UP and Ateneo professor!

We frequently see beggars on the street asking help from one people to another. Though, there are actually law about giving them money, it was just very hard to ignore them. As times passed by, they seem to continue in improving their ways of asking help and alms from people.
There are some street dwellers who have little babies with them or crying toddlers as they ask for alms under the heat of the sun. There were also some who shows some prescriptiyons for them to be able to ask some money for their medications. There were also some who carries blind man or woman with them with a signage saying that it would be a big help for them to have monetary help.

It was very shocking to know that their way of asking help to other people improves as times passed but most of them seems that they doesn’t even want to try finding a decent job not just for themselves but for their families as well.

Recently, a certain netizen named Faith “Faye” Ares showed kindness to this old man who seems to be a beggar but he fluently speaks in English. He told Faye, “Miss, I am sorry, but I have to tell you something. Please don’t get mad. And sorry to bother you but I’m not gonna ask for money, I’ll be asking for food to eat ‘coz I’m hungry.” Faye was shocked to hear the old man but out of curiosity and hunger, she just asked him to join her to eat in a fastfood restaurant. The old man was also shocked to know that she helped him out instead of just ignoring him.

After their meal, they had a small conversation and the girl learned that the old man was actually a former professor in Ateneo and UP. The old man’s name is Jansen Locsin who graduated in Ateneo de Manila and had also been a professor at UP and Ateneo. Tatay Jansen shared to her that he doesn’t have his own family but he still have two sisters in Bacolod. He was in Cebu for a business venture but the business failed and he was left homeless and bankrupt.

Before they parted ways, Faye gave him a bottled water and a hundred peso that he immediately refused to accept but the girl insisted. The old man had asked for her number to thank her someday for her generous and kind heart.