This OFW was left by his girlfriend after she benefited and got money from him because he was ugly!

Entering a relationship is a commitment that you should be able to stand as long as you can. A relationship that is based only on material things is not a good relationship at all. We should never base our standards on physical appearance just for us to be sure about our true feelings towards them. It is also good to have someone that is hardworking, kind, patient, and understanding because you will never know if your special someone will be the one you can grow up with until your hair is gray.

One of the greatest challenges in a romantic relationship is a “Long Distance Relationship” or they simply call “LDR”. Just like this couple is known as Ferdinand Agam, 34 years old and Lyn Migano. Ferdinand works as an Overseas Filipino Worker in Qatar. It was 2015 when they officially became a couple. Ferdinand loves Lyn so much that he would usually send her P20,000 monthly.

After several years of their relationship, they finally decided to settle down and plan for their wedding. But instead of spicing up their long years of being together, this actually started for their relationship to become sour. Lyn had changed a lot and she treated Ferdinand differently. After some time, Lyn decided to break up with the poor OFW and this was the reason why he asked help from the program of Raffy Tulfo. Ferdinand wanted to take all the things Lyn got from all the money he sent her a throughout the years of their relationship. Lyn defended that she broke up with him because of th hurtful things he told her.

It was such a sad story to know that their love story would end up in bad terms. If only they talk to each other, and reconcile and fix things up, they would probably have a happy and beautiful love story to tell and inspire everyone.