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This OFW has two lesbian partners at the same time, when the two knew it she was left alone and regretful!

Love is such an amazing and wonderful feeling to every individual. It is an incredible and powerful force that can do so many things even some impossible things as well. It is a rewarding experience for many of us. But unfortunately, not all people are blessed to love and to be loved by the special persons in their life.

Many people say that love is blind. But does it really mean that way, to be blinded by love just because you have loved someone more than anything else in this world? Love can really be chaotic and messy at times just like this love triangle of an Overseas Filipino Worker and two lesbians.

This former caregiver sought help from Raffy Tulfo’s famous program “Wanted sa Radyo”. She is known as Joann Padillo, 35 years old, who came all the way from Nueva Ecija to ask help about her former lesbian lover, Alaisa Manuyag. She wanted to get back her mobile phone and all the things she gave to Alaisa after they ended their relationship.

Joann revealed that she recently parted ways with Alaisa. But unfortunately, the latter did not want to return Joann’s mobile phone. Alaisa shared that Joann has been seeing other men right behind her back! During her visit to the program’s studio, Joann was together with Glenda Ponce. It was also very interesting that Glenda is also Joann’s ex-girlfriend, whom she left for Alaisa. Who would have thought that they are actually connected to each other?If you think that she still has ill feelings towards her ex-lover, maybe yes. But she is actually there to complain against Alaisa. Joann was indebted to Glenda as she lends her money in order to go abroad. But, when she was finally in Hong Kong, instead of paying the money she owes to Glenda, Joann sends money to Alaisa instead. Their connection was indeed a messy love triangle that gets even more complicated! Even the popular host of the program, Raffy Tulfo was at loss in resolving their issues!