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This man quit smoking and he had actually saved more than P100,000!

There are things that were so really hard to stop. In our life, there are things that we are all used to do though it was not one of the most important things to do some of us really find it so hard to stop and withdraw ourselves into it. Some of these things have something to do with our health and finances as well.

Some of our bad habits are called vices. It causes us a lot of negative things than a beneficial one. There are also a lot of kinds of vices like alcohol, gambling, drugs, women, and even smoking. Smoking is actually one of the vices that cost us a lot of money and drains up our bank account.

It was really hard to quit smoking, but this father from Taiwan really made it withdraw himself from smoking. According to him, aside from him being much healthier and stronger, he had also saved some money for their family’s vacation. He came to a realization that he should take care of himself as well as his health because he already has his firstborn and he wanted to be with his child until he grows old.

What he did was whenever he would feel the urge of wanting to smoke again, he would get the money that is equivalent to P80 in the Philippines and he would always save it until he already saved P100,000. He plans on giving his family an amazing vacation with the money he saved from his smoking withdrawal. True enough that if you wanted to do things for your family, nothing is impossible.

Especially when you are inspired to do those things for them. It was indeed true that when you became a parent you’re life and your perspective in life would definitely be changed a lot!