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This man-made paper without the help of any machine but his own bare hands only!

We oftentimes use paper in our everyday life at school or at our workplace. It has been one of the basic supplies at school, office and in many other kinds of work for many people nowadays. Papers can be recycled and can be reused as well. But little that we know how these papers are made.

Papers are actually from a tree and there are some types of machinery needed to produce these basic school and office supply. Despite its hard process, there was this man who was admired by the public because of his amazing skills in making a paper by the use of his own bare hands.

The video made rounds in different social media platforms as this man made out plastics by the use of his hands. It has been shared online by a Facebook page named Blunt Kommunity. The man showed how papers are made by hands.

He first scraped some parts of the tree that he will be using to make paper. He made sure that it was already cleaned before he put it in a clay pot with water and soaked it for several hours. After this step, he removed the water and put another water and some ashes. He boiled the mixture after that and he mashed it thoroughly with another man. After some time, he put it again on fire and put some cement and he mixed it very well afterward. He cooks it well and let it cool afterward, and they already had a handmade paper!

Paper is a thin material that is produced by pressing together moist fibers from wood, rags or grasses. Those were dried into flexible sheets. Papers are versatile material with many uses, that includes writing, printing, packaging, cleaning, decorating, and a number of industrial and construction processes.