This man has a good and kind heart to find and look for the person who left P10,000 cash in an ATM machine, earned a lot of positive comments from the public!

In our society today, whenever money is involved sure enough that many people wouldn’t be trustworthy anymore. Especially when you left your valuables like money, cellphones and other things in some place you will definitely had a smaller chance on getting it back again. But despite those things, there are also some people who are good enough to never have the interest in getting the things that are not theirs in the first place.

Just like this netizen named Aries Cave who asked help from his own social media account to whoever is the person who had left his or her money in a cash dispenser of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of BDO in Waltermart-Muñoz. On his personal social media account, the netizen shared a post and he quote, “Good day po. Baka may kakilala kayo na nag-withdraw sa BDO sa Waltermart Muñoz. ‘Di nakuha ‘yong pera at resibo, naiwan sa ATM. Kinuha ko kasi baka makuha ng iba at ‘di ibalik sa may-ari. Kawawa naman.”

He decided to get the money that was left on the ATM machine which worth P10,000 for him to give it back to the owner because it might be taken by other people and the owner could do nothing to take it back. According to the receipt of the transaction, the withdrawal was done at 11:43 in the morning when Aries would actually withdraw on the same ATM machine but he was surprised to saw the money and the receipt left on the cash dispenser machine.

Aries decided to just leave the money on a BDO bank where he got the money. A lot of netizens were amazed and actually surprised to know that there was actually a person like him who would not have any interests in the things and hard-earned money of other people.