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This is the kinds of fish that you should not eat to be healthy!

We all have our differences and our favorites when it comes to foods. Some people prefer vegetables while some loves eating meat. Some prefer beef, some choose chicken while some people want pork. But there are also people who loves fish more than anything. These kind of fish are the ones that people should avoid eating because of its bad effects in our body.


There are some catfish that are from factories and experimental facilities that are injected with growth hormones for their fast growth and development. These are very dangerous and could actually cause cancer.

MACKERELMercury is a powerful toxin and poison to the body that can usually be found in mackerel. It can actually cause severe diseases and even passing away. There are actually mackerel that are less dangerous than those mackerel which are transported and shipped in third world countries and that is called Atlantic Mackerel.

TUNAThis kind of fish actually contains mercury that can also be dangerous to our body, they are the blackfin and bluefin tuna. These kind of tuna often came from farm that gave antibiotics and growth hormones to their fish.

TILAPIATilapia contains fats that are not good for the cholesterol level of our body. Other people can also have allergic reactions to eating this kind of fish.

EELEels contain a lot of bad cholesterol, LDL, it can actually cause stroke to some people. These kind of fish eats industrial waste in the water and that is the main reason why they are very unhealthy.

PANGASIUSPangasius contains high amount of carcinogens. They are most common in Vietnam market and Mekong River, the most contaminated rivers in the world.

TILEFISHTilefish induced food poisoning. They are often found in beaches and it also has a lot of mercury.


Gem pyrotoxin is one of the components of this fish that is not metabolized in the body.