This is the inspiring story of a woman who was a vendor and a house helper before she becomes a multi-millionaire CEO of her own company!

It was really a huge challenge to be in a poor family. But there are a lot of people who started from the very bottom and rise as successful as they can be today.

Just like the story of Rebecca Bustamante who was not able to finish her studies because she had to work as a vendor and to sell different kinds of stuff for her to be able to earn some money for her family. Most of the time, she would prefer being a vendor to be a student and go to school. She really finds it hard to grow up in a poor family as life really challenged her so much. But instead of becoming hopeless, she did what she thought was right at that time and now, she is already a multi-millionaire CEO of her own company!

She was born in Dasol, Pangasinan together with her other 10 siblings. At a very tender age, she was already helping her parents to earn money by selling fish, bread, and other food items.

They may be earning a little money at that time but she was very glad to bring food on their table. Unfortunately, there was this time when her mother got s!ck and they can do nothing but to wait for her last breath as they do not have enough money to buy her medicines. Because their mother left them early, Rebecca promised that she will do her best in taking care of her other siblings.

Life hit them too hard as she learned that they were about to lose their house. It was the time when she decided to work as a janitress earning P800 monthly and soon she was able to redeem their home.


She decided to work as a domestic helper in Singapore to earn money for her family. While working there, she also managed to finish her studies. She used her experiences to become a nanny in Canada where she studied Accounting and Marketing at Ryerson University in Toronto.

After she received her open permit after 2 years, the hardworking young woman would start her own Nanny Recruitment Agency. And now she inspired many people with her journey from a street vendor to domestic helper to nanny to the owner of her own company!