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This is Rica Peralejo’s reason why she left her successful show business career!

As many people say that actresses and actors just come and go in the world of show business. They may have all the fame, money and glamour in life but you will never know how it will eventually come to an end. There are stars that are still in the industry even until now because they really loved their profession and their fans and supporters loved them back as well. But, there are also these artists who chose to left their successful showbiz career for their own personal reason and for their own happiness. One best example would be the former actress Rica Peralejo.

She is actually Regina Carla Bautista Peralejo in real life, a 38-year old actress, host, and singer. She is known not just because of her angelic beauty and gorgeous figure but she really had that talent in front of the camera. She really had that acting prowess even in comedy, drama, or in horror. She entered show business at the age of 13 and she had been part of several movies, teleserye and other youth-oriented programs.

She revealed in one of her interviews, the real reason why she left show business. According to the former actress, she wanted to focused on her family that is why she decided to left her career as an artist. Even though she left one of her passions, she is still very happy and blessed to be a full-time mother and wife.

She is also an active member of their church sharing words of God to other people. Aside from being a server of their church and a full time mom and wife, she is also a certified blogger. For her, she had everything she had prayed for ever since. She is blessed and serves to be a blessing to other people as well.


Source: Ptma.net