This guys travelled 2,400 kilometers just to surprise his girlfriend but he was heartbroken when he saw her in the arms of another man!

It was really hard to maintain a romantic relationship because it would really require you a lot of your patience, understanding, loyalty, commitment and love for each other. Honesty is also one of the many foundations a strong and happy relationship has to have.

But nowadays, a lot of people would definitely agree that couples tend to break-up because of some petty issues, like their respective differences in all aspects, with dishonesty and some broke up because of unfaithfulness or cheating.

But this man from China travelled 2,400 kilometers just to surprise the love of his life. Netizens were not sure about the occasion they were celebrating at that time but many people speculated that the guy traveled to suprise his girlfriend on her birthday. He even prepared a very special surprise for her as the guy wore a teddy bear mascot. Little did he know that his girl was on the arms of another man!

The guy was really saddened by what he saw buy he still continue to watch his girlfriend being hugged by an unidentified guy from behind as they were buying foods at the stall. The guys eventually removed the head of his teddy bear mascot to reveal his face and when the girl looked on his side she was very surprised that it was her original boyfriend who was staring at them.

The girl immediately run for her original boyfriend and trying her very best to hug him but the poor guy just wear his head dress again and continue walking ignoring the unfaithful girl. The guy keep on ignoring the girl but she continued on following him.

It seems that the guy decided to leave his girlfriend for good. It was still unknown to the public if the two made peace with each other or if the other guy knew that the girl he was with, has an original boyfriend aside from him.

Source: RachFeed