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This guy regrets so much that he pranked his mother this way!

Parents would always want the best for their children no matter what happened and even if it means that they would sacrifice a lot for them. No wonder that children always do their best to make their parents proud in everything they do. But recently, this guy made a prank on his mother but he later regrets it so much afterward.

A “Filipino News Update” shared on social media the screenshots of a mother and son conversation. The son messaged his mother saying that he had his girlfriend pregnant. The son told his mother that it was just an accident because he was drunk at that time. The mother loses her temper so much that she wanted her son to went out of their home immediately because of what he has done.

The son then revealed that it was just a prank for his mother because it was April Fool’s Day. The mother had accidentally told her son that he is an adopted child and he became so much devastated and disappointed. He never expected that he is an adopted child. And when it seems that he was really shocked and in tears in knowing the truth, his mother cracked the words “Happy April Fools ‘nak”.

The viral conversation of the mother and the son brought waves of laughter to many people. It actually earned a lot of hilarious comments and reactions from the netizens.

And that conversation had immediately gone viral and gained a number of comments and reactions from the netizens. Maybe the son will never prank and made fun of his mother ever again because of his unforgettable experience as he had done it to her.

This also serves as a warning for those children who always made fun of their parents. Maybe it was just their own way of showing love to their mothers and fathers but they should always think twice before doing it again.