This guy canceled their wedding after the alleged scandal video of his fiancée went viral online, received bad news from Tulfo!

Grobeline Austria and Rosaila Vista had been living together for more than 13 years now. They are also blessed with three beautiful children. Unfortunately, a few weeks before their wedding the groom had cold feet and immediately canceled their wedding even if everything was all set and invitations had already been given to their guests. It is all because of the scandal videos that Grobeline had watched online as he was doing research.

She seeks help from the popular program of Raffy Tulfo. The alleged scandalous videos that Grobeline had watched were said to be Rosaila who was with another guy and he said he knows it because of the moles and scars on her thighs.

The poor woman denied all his allegations but Grobeline continues on posting her alleged videos online without her knowing. She just knew about the video because of her 11-year-old daughter who received a message from her best friend who sent her a screenshot of her father’s post. The poor child was very hÜrt about what happened that is why she sought help from Raffy Tulfo in Action.

When the staff looks over the video, they said that the woman doesn’t look like Rosaila and the scars and the moles that Grobeline was saying were not really clear. Grobeline was very sure that it was Rosaila, he thought that she just hid the scars with a concealer that is why it cannot really be seen clearly.

Raffy Tulfo didn’t want to accept his explanations. He also told Grobeline that his accusations were very heavy and that his proof was really not enough. Raffy also questioned him why he was actually watching those scandalous videos when he will be marrying Rosaila in a few weeks’ time. Rosaila also said that Grobeline had been shaming her online because she didn’t even have money to take the case to the court.

Raffy offered to help out Rosaila and to match the guy’s money with his own and that he can even give Rosaila two lawyers if she wants.