This grandmother can make wonderful and expensive-looking clothing by the use of 300 plastics!

We usually see plastic garbage and trashes everywhere and it those are something that are really hard to decompose. It can also be a cause of clogged drainage that can be worsen by severe floods that can affect many families all over the world. Fortunately, there were several public and private organizations as well as the local and national government that helps and make way to somehow reduce and help in this environmental problem.

But aside from them, even normal citizens have their own way in helping our environment. Just like this amazing grandmother from Italy who went viral on different social media platforms because of her amazing talent in making clothing out of plastic bags. She was later known as Rosa Ferrigno, the 75 year old grandmother from America.

According to some reports, her interest in making clothes out of plastic bags actually started when she saw a woman carrying a bag made out of plastics. She find ways and study how to do such bags using plastics until she had already made her own bag.

After sometime, she had learned the process of using plastics to create more beneficial things which can be of great use in every family and to our environment as well. As a matter of fact, she had already made a jacket out of 170 pieces of plastics and 140 pieces of plastic to make a skirt.

Aside from those, she had also made a whole dress out of 300 pieces of plastics. At first glance, Ferrigno’s finish product seems to be a real clothing made of cotton but it was really made out of plastic. It was meticulously done by Ferrigno.

According to her, it took her almost two months before she completed her project as she precisely cut the plastics and tied each of them just like a yarn. After she finished all of it, it was the time when she will start to sew her project. Aside from it, she also made sure that she put a inside each plastic to strengthen the clothing and for it to be more comfortable.