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This gorgeous woman was surprised about the secret of her boyfriend she met through Facebook!

Love is one of the most special feeling many of us prayed for. It was really different if there is this someone very special to you who takes care of you, you are with you during good and hard times, through thick and thin and all the victories and failures in life. There are actually so many ways for you to find that special someone. Before, people tend to send love letters and court women in their houses to show respect and good intentions. There are also some who would even chop woods to show how sincere and genuine their love is for that woman. But as time goes by, people change as well as their ways of courting women. But despite the modernization and high-tech gadgets, the love will always be there.

As social media, gadgets, and technology nowadays are very convenient and accessible there are actually some applications that can be used to find your destiny. There are times that you can eventually meet your future boyfriend and future husband on those applications. But it was never safe and will never be safe to depend on those apps. But it will always be on us if we will pursue doing such things.

A woman from Vietnam named Nguyen Can Anh actually met her boyfriend on a social media application. This beautiful lady met her boyfriend Dan Tuan on a Facebook page of her idol. She then asked his name and they eventually get to know each other. It is where and how their love story begins. Despite the distance, the lovers still push through their romantic relationship even though Nguyen Van Anh was in Hanoi and Dan Tuan was in Russia. After 10 months of their relationship, the man personally went to Hanoi and asked permission to the lady’s parents to marry their daughter.

The soon-to-be bride eventually discovered that her future husband was actually a millionaire without her knowing. Dan Tuan is a general manager of one famous clothing brand. She also couldn’t believe that their wedding will be very grand and it will actually be held at a 5-star hotel in Hanoi. Dan Tuan hide this to Nguyen Van Anh for him to know if she would still love him despite his social status.