This girl was teased as a giraffe by her friends because of her long legs, now she is a famous model!

It was really saddening nowadays that there were some young children who tend to hÜrt other kids because of their hurtful and mean words. We oftentimes witnessed stories of children who were harshly judged and criticized by their friends and classmates. Just like what happened to this lady when she was younger.

She grew up and studied at San Luis Obispo High School, California. She is Chase Kennedy who is considered as one of the tallest students among their class. The beautiful girl would always catch the attention of many people around them because of her noticeable height that would reach to 6 feet and 5 inches.

Other kids often called her “giraffe” because she was literally very tall. It had actually broken her self-confidence for quite a long time and she just wanted to be in normal size so she can just be anyone else. She would often wear flat shoes back in her high school years and she would often envy those girls who wore high heels but she doesn’t want to stand-out among other people that is why she just wore flats instead.

After some years, she had actually broken a record for being America’s longest-legged female with her legs measuring about 51 inches and surpassing Holly Burt’s record who only had 49.5 inches. She would always a size-11 shoe towering almost many people. That is why she also find it very hard to have a boyfriend who was not intimidated by her height.

But when she later embraced her height, she excelled in sports and later became a famous model. Her modelling journey was not easy but after all the struggles she had been through, she is now a successful model and inspiration to a lot of women.

She was indeed blessed to have those long legs of her.