This girl end up marrying a guy whom she draw couple of years ago as her “dream boy”!

This girl draw her dream boy back when she was still in grade school. But little did she know that she would end up marrying that guy on her drawing after so many years! The lady was later known as Ariadne Daluz, who recently shared the amazing story of how she ended up marrying her dream guy.

It was on her elementary days when she drew her dream guy on a paper as she imagined her crush or her type of boy. She and her friend Unis was still in Grade 6, back in 2005 to 2006. These two girls, who were the best of friends loved to write stories and make drawing about almost everything.

One day, they decided to draw their dream guy who was just a random guy that they had never met before. But Unis was very surprised to see the guy from Ariadne’s drawing on her debut party and he really looks very similar as the one Ariadne drew back when they were still in grade school.

Unis immediately messaged her friend and even shared some photos of the guy as well as their imaginary “dream guy’s” picture. It was really amazing that they really seem to be the same person. The guy at the debut was later known to be Larnille Chua Daluz.
It was really surprising that Ariadne had drawn her dream guy back in 2005 to 2006 when they only met each other back in 2011. What’s more magical is that they had fallen in love with each other and later get married.

Is this what they called destiny? It was really hard to explain how some things happened in some mysterious ways. Maybe it was just an accident, unintentional but it was really something sweet and romantic especially when it was your own story and you are sharing them to your grandchildren someday.