This “Five Star Hotel” in Abu Dhabi recycles their leftovers to feed homeless dogs in the street!

Too much food wastage has been one of the major issues nowadays in many countries worldwide. It is a sad reality that many people from all over the world seems to be neglecting so much food as they literally throw it away without even looking on the way around that there are a lot of people and even animals who are starving and they really need food for them to be able to live.

It may be a simple word, a simple scenario to most of us but we really don’t have the idea that there will be a greater effect as years passed by and if until today we will do nothing and continue wasting food with our own hands every single day!

Hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets have been one of the primary contributors to food wastage as they produced mass amounts of food every day. If these leftovers are not properly managed, it can also lead to many serious problems like food poisoning and even pollÜtion. Foods that are cooked everyday which cannot be finished off within the day have a very short shelf-life and it should be thrown away as soon as possible.

Good thing that some establishments have various initiatives just like Chef J Gourmet who is re-purposing his hotel leftover foods for a greater cause. He works as the head chef in a five-star hotel in Abu Dhabi known as the Hotel Fairmont.

The program is called “Doggy Bag Initiative”, it is a program where the leftover foods are collected every day to feed stray dogs before they are brought to animal shelters. He was also the one who supervised everything. It was really an admirable work and with the help of his hotel staff, they gather up edible food such as meat, bread, and vegetables and turn them into dog food by churning them in the grinder. Their good deed touched a lot of hearts and many people will surely take the path that they are taking to save food and to help many animals as well.