This Filipina pretended to be single just to get P290,000 from a foreigner!

We all dreamed of having the love of our life to be our future husband and wife in the future, to build and start a family together and to grow old together. Love is such an amazing blessing from God that many of us are all grateful for. It was never easy to find true love and to find that special person that will take goo care of us, love us and support us despite all our flaws and imperfections.Because of modern technology nowadays, it’s been very convenient and very easy to meet so many people and be friends with them all over the world. Online dating has also been one of the most popular ways to find someone who wanted to be in a romantic relationship everywhere in the world. Many relationships like this became successful but there are also some that did not really work out.Just like what happened to a Swedish national known as Peter Michael Gradert. He actually came all the way from Kristianstad, Sweden to ask help from Raffy Tulfo’s popular program. The foreigner revealed that she has been in a relationship with a Filipina for more than a year now. He then revealed that he had met his ex-girlfriend Eva Llanto online. They became close to each other and they became friends afterward. All the while, Eva told Peter that she is a single woman.
In several occasions, Eva would ask Peter to send her some money as well as her daily allowances. For more than two years, Peter had sent her a total of P290,000! Peter was shocked to know that Eva lied to him as she was already married with kids. Because of this, he is determined to get all the money Eva got from him. It has been a great disappointment to many Filipino to witness such lies and treatment to other people. We are known to be happy, honest, and responsible people and not another way around.