This female photographer found her father while she was capturing photos of people on the streets!

Despite all the hardships and struggles in life we encounter in our life, things that are destined to happen will eventually happen. Just like Diana Kim who is a Korean-American photographer. Her parents separated ways when she was only five years old.

And from that day on, she had never seen her father ever again. But there is only one thing that she remembered when she was still living with her father, and that is his interests in taking photos as he was a photographer before.

He had influenced his daughter and taught her everything he knew about the craft. She also revealed that the difficulties she had from her past became her experiences which made her stronger and even made her survival instinct a lot better.

As a photographer, she is fond of taking photos of homeless individuals lingering on the streets or in many other places. This kind of material keeps her interested and dedicated always as she already knew the homeless people’s pain from a certain angle. She revealed that she knew the feeling of being alone, abandoned, and forgotten.

She had also experienced the pain of not getting a stable life and economic freedom that she longed for so many years.

She did not expect that she would find her father being a homeless and old man. Though, her father didn’t recognize her during that time, she was very sure that it was him. She then learned that her father doesn’t have any shelter and was sÜffering from Schizophrenia.

At first, her father refused on going with her and had suffered a heart attack after a couple of minutes convincing him.

He was rushed to the hospital and was taken good care by her daughter. They are now a happy family living together and after so many years, they will be together again.