This father carried his child inside a plastic bag while crossing the river for school caught the attention of the netizens!

Education is very important most especially to us Filipinos. We are giving priority to good and quality education as we all believe that it will really help us to be successful in life. There were a lot of people who were not privileged enough to experience all the good things and the convenience we have going to school. Little did we know that as many young children tend to hate going to school there are a lot more kids who wanted to go to school and study.

Just like the story of this photo that surfaced in different social media platforms. The photo shows how the father secured his child inside a plastic bag as he swims in the river to send his son to school. The photos were taken in Huoi Ha Village in Vietnam where students enter a big plastic bag for them to swim across the Nam Chim Stream so that they can go to school dry and their clothes not soaked in water.

During dry seasons, a temporary bridge made out of bamboo is being used by the children for them to cross the other end of the stream. But when the rainy season comes children would have to cross the stream by riding rafts or entering a big plastic bag.

“We have warned local residents of latent risks to travel through the stream by plastic bags, but the swift-flowing water can also sweep rafts away, so they have to choose this way. Earlier, a local person was injured in a capsized raft here.” according to Vang A Po, the chairman of Na Sang Commune.

The Chairman of Muong Cha District, Nguyen Minh Phu stated that they use plastic bags for the children but it was not their usual way. It was just their last resort when they have no choice because the water level of the stream is very high and if it’s not advisable to cross using the bamboo bridge.