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This driver thought that his passenger was actually dead after riding in his cab!

Riding e-hailing transportation had been a great comfort to a lot of individuals nowadays. It becomes very easy to access such app especially when you are in a hurry going home or attending a very important gathering. But there were also unusual things that drivers experience especially during the wee hours of the day. Recently, this Singaporean e-hailing car driver had picked up a 27-year old woman from Telok Kurau last February 24 past Sunday morning.

The woman was very drunk but she still managed to tell the driver where to drop her. She wanted to go to the 109th block of Commonwealth Crescent Apartment. The driver’s friend shared the story of how the driver tried to wake his passenger up but she didn’t even move an inch. He even tried to poke her with an umbrella but she remained still even after 15 minutes.

That is why they already asked help to the Singapore Civil Defense Force after some time they finally woke up the drunk lady.

Source: Trends Zilla