This dress of Manny Pacquiao’s wife, Jinkee Pacquiao can actually buy two motorcycles!

Many of us wanted to have a successful life in the future that is why we study very hard and work so much to achieve our dreams in life not just for our own goals but for our family’s welfare as well.

It was never easy to earn money especially when you are just an ordinary person. Its just very usual for us to see just enough food on our table, and our monthly salary for our house’s expenses and bills. Not everyone of us were blessed to have a lot of money and material things. As we all know that we work hard for every cent of money that we have in our bank accounts or in our respective wallets.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is one of the most admired and inspiring Filipino nowadays as he had also started at the very bottom. Because of his amazing skill in boxing, their life had really changed a lot. They are now enjoying their lavish life. They are very successful nowadays with a lot of business and mansions in and outside the country. No wonder that his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao has a lot of expensive accessories, bags, shoes, and clothes.

And for us to be able to understand how expensive Jinkee’s clothes are would you believe that the dress she wore last July 20 on the fight of Manny over Keith Thurman in America. Jinkee’s clothes can actually pay for a whole year’s rent in an apartment. Her lavish Chanel dress is worth P155,000. But more than that, she paired it with a very expensive Hermes bag that actually worth 3 million pesos. She was also wearing a Christian Dior sandals which costs P58,000!

Pacquiao family really inspired a lot of Filipino people to have a strong faith in God and to work hard and be passionate on all the things you love and you definitely get what you deserve.