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This customer did not want to pay the cellphone technician as he just quickly fixed his phone!

There was a viral video about the confrontation of a customer and a cellphone technician at a mall that was shared by a certain Jonjon Razote on his social media account. The uploader stated that the customer approached the techinician to fix his phone that won’t turn on. But after the technician held the phone he had opened it so quick just by a hard reset. As he did his job in fixing the phone, he charged the customer a labor fee of 300 pesos but the man angrily disagrees. The customer started to badmouth the poor technician. But the technician was still cool and calm during the incident.

The customer also wanted to complain at the nearest barangay hall but a lot of people advised them to resolve the issue on the mall admin where the incident happened.

The uploader of the video was also a cellphone technician and he also knew how it felt to be in the position of the technician.

Source: Buzzooks