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This couple had a practical and unique way with their wedding entourage!

We oftentimes witness weddings that were celebrated in an expensive and luxurious way. Weddings are once in a lifetime events in a person’s life. No wonder that many couples invest a lot of money, effort and time to make it the most memorable and the most unforgettable time of their lives.

It is the beginning of their happy ever after and the start of their dream of building their own loving and beautiful family. But there are also some people who wanted their wedding celebration to be simple and to be intimate. They didn’t want to give up more money on the wedding preparation itself because what’s more important for them is that their life after the wedding itself.A couple recently went viral because of their practical and unique wedding style that earned a lot of positive comments and reactions from the netizens. A certain Aragon Ramos Nerrie shared a photo of an eco-friendly wedding where the groom and the bride decided to use their bikes than any luxurious cars. The viral video already gained 137 thousand views and still counting.
Who would have thought that the bride and the groom wanted their big day to be very special and to reflect their respective personalities as well? Maybe the groom and the bride’s interest is biking and they wanted it to be part of their wedding celebration.

True enough that weddings are celebrated for the couple’s family, relatives, and friends to be together and to be there on their very special day. The couple also earned a lot of praises from the netizens for their love of nature, for their interest in biking, as well as their simplicity on their wedding day. It was also an inspiration to many people out there that weddings can also be as amazing as it is even if it is simple and full of love and effort.