This couple did an amazing prenup-photoshoot in some of the streets in Cubao and it garnered a lot of comments and reactions from people!

One of the most trending things nowadays are wedding prenup shoots of the soon-to-be husband ang wife. For them, their pre-nuptial photos are one of the best memorable things they can have as they enjoy and go through their wonderful marriage life. It has been a symbol and a great picture of how they started as girlfriend and boyfriend before they decided to settle down.As a matter of fact, a lot of photographers are challenged with so many concepts and ideas they see from one pre-wedding photoshoot to another. They also learn from those innovative ideas that they can also apply in some of their clients’ requests. Some even climb Mt. Mayon in Albay just to caught that perfect lovestruck shoot.Oftentimes, there are amazing and incredible views that helps in the beauty of a photoshoot, but with this couple, they decided to be explore so many things within the streets of Cubao for their backdrop. The soon-to-be husband and wife, Bjorn and Cat trusted the photographers Edi and Mherl Angelie Cortez with their prenup photos. And they were never wrong with their decision as their pre-wedding photos became trending because of their unusual concept among others.Handsome Bjorn is wearing his tuxedo while Cat is so beautiful with her white wedding gown where they enjoy every single moment of their photoshoot. On some of their prenup photos, they are together with a stray dog, footbridge vendors while eating some street foods, on a jeepney, and a lot more incredible photos that are very natural and realistic. It seems that they just enjoyed their romantic day in all of their photos. A lot of netizens could not help but admire and praise them for their simplicity and their creativity. The photos already garnered more than 5,600 shares and more than 9,300 reactions from Facebook.