This carefree student went viral on different social media platforms as he swam happily in a puddle outside their school!

True enough that it was really an amazing experience to be a child. Children who are very innocent on a lot of things and struggles in life. They were also known to be very happy with simple things just like playing outside their houses, it just simply completes their day. It was just recently when this kid was admired on social media as he happily waded into the water just behind their classroom.

The one who shared the viral video was actually the mother of the student known as Rozita Abdul Razak. The mother admitted that she was surprised to know from his teacher that her son was actually playing the water on their school.

At first, she thought that it was just a glass or a bucket of water but she was very surprised that her son was actually swimming in the water while wearing his school uniform. His elder brother had also told him not to swim there but even he was also enjoying and splashing the water. They were even seen chasing and teasing each other and were also swimming together.

The mother asked her son why he did that, the young boy honestly told her that she would never bring them to swimming pools even they insisted that is why he just decided to swim there. The mother did not chase her son anymore as it was a very spacious place and she would have never had a chance to get her son and she would just definitely be tired. And there were also a lot of people who watched him play and enjoy the water.

Netizens could not help but be amazed by this young boy. It was indeed true that children who enjoy their playtime really capture our hearts. It was really a wonderful memory to cherish, our childhood memories.