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This black apple can be sold for $20 dollars but the farmers did not want to plant it!

In our society today that is full of instant foods, preservatives, chemicals and the like, some people still chose to live a healthy life by eating healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables. These foods are much needed by the younger people as well as the older ones as they contain a lot of nutrients and minerals that they will be needing everyday.

Recently, many people were surprised to know about an apple that is actually black! We often see apples that are red in color, green, yellow or even pink. But the color black of this apple brought curiosity to many people. Red apples actually got their colors from anthocyanins. Those are pigments that develops as the apple grows. Black apple recently peaked popularity in the market not just because of its unique color but because of it is much crispier, tastier and had a lot of minerals and microorganisms.


These apples are known as the black diamond apples that are breed of Hua Niu apples. It was a native of New Zealand and then introduced to China. Black diamond apples are planted in Nyingchi, Tibet and it was also developed in a special environment and grafting technology of farmers. Its color is actually purple, with a nice and gleaming texture. It actually looks like candle wax and as beautiful as a diamond that is why it is called such name.

Many people don’t know that it does not need any fertilization and is very resistant to cold, it also has a natural defense against parasites and insects. But it is actually considered as a rare apple as it needed to be planted on highlands at 3,500 meters above sea level altitude to make it grow. They should also be exposed to too much sunlight and ultraviolet light. Apples like these annually enter the market at the end of October and were sold for about two months.



Source: Ptama.net