This beautiful student quit school to be a butcher in their family business inside a wet market

This gorgeous student was studying a Philosophy degree at Fu Jen Catholic University but she left school to become a butcher and to focus on their family business at Taipei City’s Dongmen Market.

She is Charlene Chang who is already 25-years-old. A lot of people were surprised that a beautiful lady like her would have chosen to be a butcher when in fact she really looks like a model and a celebrity. Even the people in their surrounding stalls at the wet market were really astounded with her amazing looks. Every guy who works in the market were all clamoring to get her cellphone number. There were also some of them who would out on their stall and even buy some of their meat products just to be able to talk to her and be close to her.

Even some women who are mothers or grandmothers began favoring their shop hoping that she would agree to marry their sons or grandsons. As she became popular, people in the market would often call her “Pork Princess”. The gorgeous butcher said that the name “Pork Princess” feels greasy and that any name with the word “Pork” was not really nice to hear. She also revealed that even though there were several people who wanted to court her or wanting her for their sons or grandsons, she pointed out that she would want to find the right man for herself on her own means. She also wanted to have a simple life.

For some people, finishing her studies and getting a diploma is one of the most important things in attaining success but there were also some traditions in other countries that pursuing the family’s business really means a lot and it should not be taken for granted or to set aside more than anything else.

True enough that this gorgeous and stunningly beautiful student turned butcher loves her family the most that is why she is also loving her family’s business.