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This beautiful Pinay celebrities still looks stunning even without makeup!

Make-up has been a necessity for every woman all over the world. Not just because it enhances one’s beauty because it can also hide imperfections and skin problems that is one of the major problems of women nowadays.

But celebrities and famous personalities are expected to be beautiful and at their best self all the time. As they are admired and loved by many people, and they inspire them as well. This is the list of Pinay celebrities who still looks very stunning and gorgeous even without their make-up on!


Elisse has this natural pinkish glow that compliments her angelic face and beautiful eyes. Even without make-up, she is really amazingly beautiful.


Maybe it really runs in the blood isn’t? From her mother to her aunts, we cannot deny it that they really are one of the most beautiful faces in the industry today. She was also dubbed as the “Selfie Queen” because of her stunning no make-up photos she flaunts in her social media account.


One of the most renowned actresses of her generation. Iza Calzado really has that amazing Filipina beauty because of her morena skin but she is also a “body positivity advocate” as she had a successful weight loss journey and she embraces her beautiful self now. She also revealed that she loves wearing no makeup at all most of the time.


Alice is a Filipina-American actress, commercial model, and former beauty queen. You would definitely won’t agree that she is turning 50 this year? She loves to snap photos of her without her make-up on, and she really looks like a goddess.


Ina is a 43-year-old and mother of five children but still looks so stunningly gorgeous. She loves sweating so much and spends most of the day working out that is why she doesn’t need any makeup at all.


This young actress really loves outdoor activities and because she is naturally beautiful she doesn’t need to wear makeup anymore.
True enough that you don’t really need to put so much makeup or dress so much just to look and feel beautiful. Because beauty will always be on the way you love and take care of yourself as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, as a friend and as who you want it to be.