This 11-year-old girl surpasses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking IQ!

We are now in modern technology and in the modern age nowadays. We experience a lot of benefits from the modernization we have today unlike in the past generations. And it also brought so much convenience to many of us all over the world not just in the way we communicate but in the simplest way we do our daily activities or household routines.
Recently, this 11-year-old Iranian girl made headlines because of her remarkable results on her Mensa “genius” IQ test. She is Tara Sharifi, a young girl that scored higher than Albert Einstein and the great cosmologist Stephen Hawking. She is a student at Aylesbury High School and she took the Mensa IQ test in Oxford. She was able to score more than the “genius benchmark” of 140. She actually got an unbelievable score of 162! It was two points higher than the score of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

One of the greatest Scientists of all time and one of the smartest individuals in the world is Albert Einstein. He is also known for his theory of Relativity that has been a great backbone in our Modern Physics. His legacy remained after so he passed away, his life and lessons left an impact on Science, Philosophy, Visual Art, and Literature.
On the other hand, Stephen Hawking is a brilliant theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, one of the most popular figures in Modern Science and one of the greatest minds of all times. Together with Albert Einstein, they were both renowned individuals who are considered as geniuses of the world but this 11-year-old girl easily overcome their score in terms of Mensa IQ test! Isn’t amazing?Though, many parents nowadays do not require their children to get high grades or high scores at school because they really wanted their children to have a balanced life and do not commit theirselves on their studies alone, it was always amazing to know such an incredible story like the story of this 11-year old girl who had higher score in Mensa IQ test than Einstein and Hawking.