The taxi driver told his passenger to find another taxi because he was too sleepy to drive, but the lady’s action is admirable!

Have you ever felt so tired and so sleepy that you could even do a thing? When it feels so tiring with all our whole day’s work and our eyes seem to be closing on their own? This is the time when our body needs to rest but our mind is still telling us that we really needed to be awake to do what we need to do. When this kind of situation arises, we should prioritize our safety more than anything else especially when you are driving a vehicle.

This is the best thing to do to prevent accidents and other casualties. Just like what this taxi driver did to his passenger. He asked her if she can transfer from his taxi to another because he was very sleepy at the moment he really needs to take a rest. Some passengers will definitely be mad about this driver’s request but this lady passenger seems to be an understanding and patient one. She is later known as Christina Tan who recently shared her experience on social media which immediately garnered an enormous number of reactions and comments from the public.

Christina learned that the driver is already 70 years old and he is driving ever since the Marcos regime. At his age, he should already be enjoying his retirement but he is still working for the sake of his own family who depends on him. But at the middle of their conversation, the old driver asked her to move to another car because he was really sleepy, thinking that she cannot look for another car, she decided to drive the car herself while the driver was sleeping. The driver didn’t agree at first but later on, he approved her idea. After a couple of minutes, the old man was already sleeping, and he was also snoring! He might really be so tired and sleepy! Good thing that Christina is an understanding and kind passenger!