The story of this couple will definitely move you into tears! Their lives changed after an incident happened!

We may often experience going out of the movie room teary-eyed or still wiping our tears away because of the several films that didn’t end in a good way or the way we wanted it to be. But this time, it was not a story on films or television series but a story of this young lady for her boyfriend.

It was from the post of a certain Eina Jane Pineda who shared their wonderful love story and how it suddenly disappear in just a blink of an eye. She also shared how her boyfriend Ryan Bairoy passed away because of an incident.

Eina started her post by reminiscing how their love for each other grow when they were still in elementary. Ryan was the one who wanted Eina’s attention. But after some time, Eina develops her feelings towards him. Until they separated ways after elementary.

They have a common friend when they were highschool and that is where Ryan decided to asked for Eina’s number and court her afterwards. It was 2011 when she had given her sweet “YES”.

When they were already in college, Ryan took up Marine Engineering course because he always dreams of being a seaman. He was also a scholar back then. Eina witness how dedicated and committed her boyfriend was to his studies.

After his studies, he already wanted to plan for their future. It was in 2017 when he became a seaman. They have a smooth-sailing relationship even though Ryan is busy on his career. But it was October 7 when Ryan had an accident. He passed away because of the severe injÜry he got on his legs and brain. It has been a very difficult challenge for her as the dreams they build together were already broken into pieces. Netizens expressed their deepest condolences and hope that Eina can get it through.