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The story of an amazing mother who carried her son for 15 years just to send him to school every day!

There was this 55-year old mother who was known as Nanay Cristina that carries her paralyzed son every single day to his classroom.

It had also been aired on the famous Kapuso network’s magazine show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo” last April 14. According to Nanay Cristina, Juan Carlos had been paralyzed since five years old. It was because of the incident happened as he played “Sipa”, he was shoved and he fell to the ground. Though he had already undergone surgery, he was still unable to walk.

It’s been a great challenge to Nanay Cristina convincing her son to go to school. She knew that she will be his son’s legs from then on and she accepted it wholeheartedly.

After 15 years, her sacrifice paid off as Juan Carlos already had his moving up ceremony in junior high school last April 3. He even got a scholarship that can help him achieve his dream of being a computer engineer to help his family. And his amazing mother? She received a surprise “Huwarang Ina Award”, inspiring isn’t?

Source: Virtualpinoy