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The public was left in awe as Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel shared a glimpse of their beautiful mansion in Pasig City

Celebrity couple, Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel shared a glimpse of their home in Pasig City in public. Many people were amazed with the beautiful family of Zoren and Carmina as well as their wonderful home. With one of the interviews the couple did, they had revealed that they wanted to be as joyful and stress-free as their twin Mavy and Cassy. That is why they treat each and every one as a good friend and buddy.

According to one of the reports of Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the couple shared that their home goes beyon aesthetics. They knew that it was not the house that makes it feel like a home but more of the positive energy that came from the people who lives inside the house. Zoren even emphasizes to his twin what would really make their house beautiful are their family.

He also reminded them that a house will never be a happy and comfortable home if the family inside doesn’t have good communication with each other.

Even if you have a big house, if people living inside that house doesn’t talk to each other and communicate, were not honest to each other, it will really be a big problem and there will be no home inside that huge and extravagant house.

Carmina Villaroel revealed that they didn’t have to hire any designers as she knew how to design and fix their home because of her love and interest in reading home magazines. It also helped her to made their living room as beautiful as those seen in home journals.

Their house was stunningly amazing and fit for a beautiful family like them. They also have a relaxing view in their garden area where they do some of their bonding moments as a family. An inspiring story of success and family every Filipino really admired.

Source: Pep