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The public applauded the Unkaboggable Vice Ganda who supported and helped his ”Yayas” to graduate!

Recently, netizens were amazed as they learned about the generosity of Vice Ganda to his household helpers or his Yayas. He had actually sent them to college, supported them and helped them to finally achieve their dreams to finish college. But aside from that, the famous comedian and host had also surprised them with a total make-over and pink gowns to wear on their graduation ball.

Who would have thought that there are people who would generously and kind-heartedly help other people even if they are not blood-related? Many people knew about it and some had also experienced being blessed with this kind of people. The famous “It’s Showtime” host was really beautiful inside and out who also prioritizes proper and good education above all.

Though there are some people who never wanted his harsh comments and his unfiltered insults and jokes to some people, he also has this soft heart to those people who are really close to him. Jacquelyn Guerero and Emelyn Freo are Vice’s Angels who are treated amazingly by their boss. They are the helpers or “Yayas” of the comedian for six long years now. They both only wanted to work for him for a year but it Vice asked them to stay longer for him. He generously offered the two of them to stay and he will be the one shoulder all their expenses at school.

The two amazing yayas of Vice Ganda is blessed to have him and he had been a great instrument for them to changed their lives and to achieve their dreams now that they will be having their own degrees and diplomas. They are all a great inspiration to many people all over the world. True enough that when you helped other people there will also be an unending flow of blessings and great things for you, no wonder that Vice Ganda is one of the most admired and loved comedians of his generation.