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The luxury flights of some famous personalities going from one place to another was really impressive!

Almost all people dreamed to experience riding an airplane, but there are also some people dreams to experience a luxury flight even once in their life. Here are some of them:



The “It’s Showtime” host and award winning actress Anne Curtis experienced this luxury flight together with her husband Erwann Heussaff in their honeymoon in Africa.


The ever beautiful and elegant Heart Evangelista had also experienced a luxury flight. No doubt about it since she really came from a wealthy family. Even with her husband Chiz Escudero, they never miss to have luxurious flights.

ANDI MANZANO This beautiful mommy, Andi Manzano loves her luxurious flight together with her mini-me Olivia.

DONNA CRUZDonna Cruz is one of the famous personalities that had experienced a luxurious flight together with her husband, Yong Larrazabal. They also had an on-board bartending experience.

VICKI BELOThe celebrity doctor, Dra. Vicki Belo together with her husband Hayden Kho and daughter Scarlet Snow enjoyed their luxurious flight altogether.


One of the most richest wives in our country, the PacMan’s wife can really afford to have such expensive flight.

A lot of netizens have their own comments about the luxurious flights of these famous personalities. Many people commended most of them because they started humbly at the bottom and now that they are living a luxurious life they are still humble as they were before. There are also some people who admired these celebrities because of their care and charity works to other people as they are the ones who are more privileged than the other.

It was indeed such an inspiration to many people to continue striving hard for their future and especially for their family. They may not be as successful and as rich as these well-known personalities but they are still trying their very best to give everything they can for their loved ones and for themselves as well.