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The 15-year old boy who was rejected in Britain’s Got Talent comes back after 3 years and had earned a golden buzzer!

Kyle Tomlinson from Sheffield was rejected by David William in 2014 as he tried joining Britain’s Got Talent. But unfortunately, he received four “No” votes from all the judges. One of the judges, David William had even advised him to have singing lessons. Three years after, Kyle proved all of them wrong and amazed everyone with his astounding performance.

He even got a golden buzzer from David William which means that he was already qualified for the semi-finals of the competition.

Who would have thought that the rejection he experienced would actually be his motivation to improve his talents and skills? He was indeed an inspiration to other people to keep striving hard and keep achieving their dreams despite the struggles, challenges, and hardships they go through in life.

No wonder that this young boy can actually achieve his dreams with his dedication, commitment, faith and with the support of his family.


Source: Jesusdaily