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Team Kramer’s household helpers have their own rooms and sala on their newly built elegant and lavish mansion with elevator!

Many of us definitely dream of having our own dream house someday. But of course, before we can even make that dream come true, we should be able to save a lot of money to buy a piece of land where we can have our own dream house, and for the building expenses as well. It really means a lot of hard work and maybe a successful business to achieve such a big dream.

Especially when you already have your own family, you needed to have your own home and your own income to support them. Being a parent is not as easy as it seems to be, especially when we talk about raising children, nurturing, loving and developing them into good individuals. But what if both of the parents are busy with their jobs? Who will take care of the children and household chores? This is where our admirable modern heroes come, our household helpers.

Many household helpers are blessed enough to have kind-hearted and generous employers. Just like Team Kramer’s helpers. The family ensured that as they have their own dream mansion, their household helpers would also have their own rooms and their own sala, with cable, television and sofa set. Doug and Cheska Kramer surprised them with their own comfortable and relaxing rooms. Doug even cracks a joke on them that they were “sosyal” as they also have their own sala.

Douglas Rimorin “Doug” Kramer is a 36-year-old Filipino basketball player for the Phoenix Pulse Fuel Masters of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). He married Filipina actress Cheska Garcia and they were blessed with three children namely: Clair Kendra, Scarlett Louvelle and Gavin Phoenix. He has six siblings. Lincoln and Mark Kramer, who currently live in the USA. Stacey Kramer who lives in London, and Lauren, Karl, and Brandy, who currently live in the Philippines.