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Team Kramer granted their house helper’s wish to build her own home in her province!

It was just recently when the extravagant mansion of Team Kramer took social media by storm. Doug and Cheska Kramer’s children even have their own classroom inside their lavish home. Kendra.

Scarlet and Gavin also have their own play area and mini-theater to enjoy. But it was not only the dream house of the family that they built because they decided to grant their Yaya Joy’s wish and that is to have her broken house in the province where her children and her mother currently resides.

Team Kramer featured in one of their vlogs an episode where they grant some wishes of their friends and one of them is Yaya Joy. The Kramer children surprised their beloved Yaya, Yaya Joy. The three pretended to call their Yaya but they will just give her the letter.

Yaya Joy read the letter where it says that Team Kramer will be the one to help her build her dream house in their province with the help of Netflix Philippines as well. She could not help but cry her heart out with their amazing surprise.

She became emotional as she watched the interview of Team Kramer with her mother in the province as Nanay Josefina showed their damaged roofs and their broken house for the past 20 years.

Yaya Joy and Nanay Josefina were very surprised with Team Kramer’s and Netflix Philippines’ wonderful Christmas gifts. The beginning of their home’s renovation was done immediately and its video touched Yaya Joy’s heart more than anyone else. She will be more secure now that her family will be in a much stronger home in their province as she is working in the Team Kramer’s family.

According to Cheska and Doug, Yaya Joy has been with them for four years already and ever since then she was saving for her dream house and she was really deserving to have such a gift because she is really a good and reliable house helper.