Team Kramer granted the wish of their Yaya Joy to build a home for her family in the province!

Team Kramer has been one of the most popular celebrity families nowadays. The family has wonderful parents and lovely children. Douglas and Cheska Kramer have been very hands-on with their kids no wonder that they grew up to be amazing individuals. Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin really had a good heart for other people. It was just recently when the family shared an inspirational story of giving where they surprised one of their house helpers with a very touching message.

According to their viral video, they wanted to be an inspiration to other people that is a blessing to other people is indeed one of the greatest things they could ever do. The family wanted to share their blessings with other people and the Kramer kids decided to surprise their Yaya Joy with a life-changing gift.

They wanted to give Yaya Joy’s family a comfortable life and she surprised her with a new house for her family in the province! “Netflix” partnered with Team Kramer made everything possible.

Yaya Joy couldn’t help but cry so hard for receiving such a wonderful gift from the family. Because of her hard work and efforts, her mother and her children will finally have a new comfortable and safe home. It was really such a wonderful blessing and it really touched a lot of hearts and people will surely realize the amazing feeling of helping other people especially those who really deserve those kinds of things.

Douglas Rimorin Kramer is a 36-year-old Filipino former basketball player. He played for eight teams in the Philippine Basketball Association, most recently for the Phoenix Pulse Fuel Masters. He is married to Filipina actress Cheska Garcia. They were blessed to have three wonderful children together named Clair Kendra, Scarlett Louvelle and Gavin Phoenix. This family shared a great inspiration to many other Filipino families out there.